Secure the tools your business uses daily

Metomic gives IT & Engineering teams centralised visibility over the tools your business uses. Continue to scale securely enabling cross-functional collaboration with the peace of mind that your data is secured.

Trusted by leading companies in their industries worldwide

Control access to company files

Accurately identify sensitive data across Google Drive, SharePoint and Ondrive folders and files, so you know precisely where it is, and who has access to it.

Automatically revoke access to files & folders that contain sensitive information
Immediately locate the folder and file thanks to advanced filters
Scan all file types and unstructured data

Keep collaboration secure

Millions of messages are sent in Slack & MS Teams each year. Understand how sensitive data is leaking into these environments and take actions against violations.

Prevent against accidental and malicious insider threats
Identify suspicious files in real time
Purge sensitive data shared about former clients, applicants or employees

Monitor ticketing system

Having control over what sensitive data is submitted to you by customers is near impossible. Identify in real time when this happens and the exact ticket location.

Uncover sensitive data in Zendesk and Jira tickets
Remove PII from bug tickets when they are closed
Know when secrets, passwords & API keys appear in tickets

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