Protect your customers' financial data

Metomic helps billion-dollar FinTechs that are leveraging cloud technologies in order to scale rapidly. Protect your customers' most sensitive data and comply with regulations like PCI-DSS.

Trusted by leading companies in their industries worldwide

Type of data Metomic helps you find & control

Credit Card numbers
Employee Identification number
European tax identification number
Bank Account Number (UK, Canada, Australia, US)
Bank Sort Code (UK)
Bank card CVV (UK)
Bank PAN (India)
Bank SWIFT code

How finance companies use Metomic

Use case 1

FinTech startup detects and redacts sensitive financial data & PII in Slack to ensure compliance during audits, as well as build brand reputation and gain larger clients with stricter procurement processes.

Use case 2

Finance company runs an on-going audit of its cloud apps (MS Teams, OneDrive & SharePoint, Zendesk & Jira) to ensure continued PCI compliance.

Use case 3

FinTech business uses Metomic to configure rules that alert employees when they mishandle sensitive data and educate them on the correct way.

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