Protect your customers' finance data

Metomic helps billion-dollar InsurTechs like Clearcover & Zego increase security awareness amongst their employees as they double their workforce annually - helping to keep their clients' sensitive data protected from data breaches.

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Trusted by leading companies in their industries worldwide

Type of data Metomic helps you find & control

Driving Licenses (UK, US, France)
Credit card numbers
Global ID Documents
UK Passports
Postcode UK
Date of Birth
National Insurance Number (UK)
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

How insurance companies use Metomic

Use case 1

InsurTech startup detects and redacts driving licences numbers to keep customer data safe.

Use case 2

Insurance scale-up uses Metomic as part of their KYC process for identity verification.

Use case 3

InsurTech business leverages Metomic's platform to spot employees who keep sharing sensitive data in messaging and ticketing apps and prioritise them for cybersecurity training.

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