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    Build trust and avoid compliance issues by transforming your static privacy policy into a dynamic document. Metomic will automatically update your policy whenever you or a third-party provider changes the way your customer's data is collected and used.

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      HTTP GET "https://api.metomic.io/consumer/d82f903/agreements"								


      'recomendations': { version:'1.0.1', status:'rejected' },
      'contact': { version:'1.0.1', status:'accepted' },
      'contact:marketing': { version:'1.0.1', status:'rejected' },
    • Request

      curl https://api.metomic.io/policies/social-sharing
           -H Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY								


          "slug": "social-sharing",
          "title": "Social Sharing",
          "flavor": "messages",
          "version": "0.4.0",
          "created_at": 1541157734917,
          "versioned_at": 1549637895278,
          "draft_version": null,
          "short": "Allows you to follow other creators, and have them follow you",
          "published_at": 1549637895286,
          "allow_anonymous": true,
          "description": "When you opt in to Social Sharing, other Vimeo users can subscribe to your channel and get notified whenever you post a new video.",
          "clauses": [{
              "title": "Vimeo ID",
              "slug": "vimeo-id",
              "description": "we send this to Facebook, who manage our sharing logic"
          }, {
              "title": "History",
              "slug": "history",
              "description": "so you can search through previously watched videos"
          }, {
              "title": "Name",
              "slug": "name",
              "description": "we send this to your followers so they know who you are"
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