Rich Vibert

Rich Vibert is CEO and Co-founder of Metomic

Rich Vibert is the CEO and co-founder of Metomic. A data scientist by training, Rich believes that companies can greatly improve outcomes if everyone has access to the data and collaborative applications they need to make decisions faster. However, this vision can fall short if sensitive data is at risk or if the methods to secure it become overly burdensome to employees.

Prior to founding Metomic, Rich led data strategy at Sotheby’s and served as a data scientist at DemystData. During his time at Demyst, he leveraged machine learning to help global financial, telecommunications, and insurance organisations with efforts to detect and combat fraud, assess credit risk, acquire customers, and more. Rich earned a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from King’s College London and a Bachelor’s of Science with Honours in Mathematics from Durham University.

“The data security landscape is changing day by day. I like to bring people the latest news and advice from our team on the best ways to protect their sensitive data.”

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