Secure your financial and customer data across your entire SaaS stack

Complying with financial regulations like PCI DSS can be difficult if you don't know where your data lives. Metomic's data security compliance software for financial services helps you detect and protect sensitive data stored in SaaS applications to minimise the risk of data exposure, and help ensure compliance with vital regulations.

Integrate with the tools you already use:

Discover where your customer data lives, without the noise

Our automatic data discovery software integrates with your SaaS apps, to help you gain individual data point level visibility, prioritising the risks that matter to you.

  • Hundreds of financial data classifiers such as bank details
  • Scan files and unstructured data
  • Control access levels for tighter security
  • Comply with complex global regulations
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From Immaturity to Proactivity: A FinServ Company’s Journey to Data Security Awareness

See how Metomic helped a FinServ company reduce the impact of any future data breaches

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