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Protecting sensitive data in a remote-friendly world

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Where it all began

Ben and Rich are technologists that have started almost every day for the last decade opening SaaS apps like Slack, Google Drive, and Github. As apps like these became globally adopted, they noticed the scary reality that sensitive data was being uploaded and shared more and more every day. It was putting the security and privacy of everyday people at risk.

They wanted to solve this. They felt this risk didn't need to exist. Companies and their employees should still be able to reap the productivity benefits that SaaS continues to offer, without the huge risk that comes along with it. So they started Metomic.

Founders Ben & Rich in London


Where we're going

Isn't it crazy that companies don't know how much sensitive data they're storing in SaaS applications? Isn't it crazier still that they're trying to control this spread of sensitive data by asking employees to sign word-document security policies on the day they join?

We're on a mission to change this - for the benefit of companies, their employees doing their jobs, and individuals that give their data to the internet. We're making it easy for companies to discover and protect sensitive data in their SaaS ecosystems, supercharging teams to do their best work without the risk of leaking sensitive data in the process.

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