Our mission is to bring trust, transparency and control to the internet

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    Our Vision

    Removing the barriers to data ethics

    With Metomic, businesses can be both transparent and successful. We provide businesses with the power to understand their data networks and therefore enable their customers to give informed consent. By using Metomic to build trust with their customers, businesses can use transparency as a key differentiator to enhance their products and services


    Our culture

    We’re building a place where we can be happy, productive, and do meaningful work

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    Trust and transparency

    Metomic was built on these principles from the ground up. We remain completely transparent with everyone, which has built trusting, working relationships both with our customers and with each other

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    We are solutions-focused

    We don't dwell on problems; we strive to find solutions. We believe that the many issues surrounding data privacy can actually be fixed - not avoided with ineffective and ethically dubious work-arounds

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    Making data ethics accessible

    We're working hard to demystify data privacy for the average consumer: we build intuitive tools and use plain English instead of technical jargon. Data ethics should be a fundamental part of the Internet

  • Benefits

    Why work with us?

    We've got all the things you would want from an ambitious startup

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    Dedicated mission

    You won't be spending time building questionable products or promoting unethical causes for the pursuit of profit. Ethics is embedded in our product and in our approach

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    Autonomy and empowerment

    We'll give you the tools, know-how and support to move fast, be pioneering, and not break things. We know people are at their best when you place trust and confidence in them

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    All the perks

    Free breakfast, team lunches, snacks, a beer fridge, team holidays, flexible work schedules, all the latest tech, a swanky office, we could keep going...

  • Openings

    Open Positions

    If you're excited by what we're doing, and want to be part of our journey, we would love to hear from you


    Our Investors

    We’re backed by some of the UK’s most well-known investors

    • Ef
    • Connect Ventures
    • Saatchinvest
    • Samos Investments

    More transparency. Less work

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