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Metomic's insider threat prevention tool provides full visibility into all users and their sensitive data activities across your SaaS stack, alerting you to anomalous behaviours.

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Detect unusual data sharing activities across your SaaS stack

Limit the sensitive data employees, contractors, and partners can access to minimise the risk of insider threat. We'll help you audit activity, and get alerted when something suspicious occurs.

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Metomic spots unusual data sharing activities performed across multiple SaaS applications.

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Activity visibility

Continuous visibility over what sensitive data is being shared by employees and external parties.

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Anomaly detection

Get alerted to suspicious activity which might lead to sensitive data being leaked.


Integrate instantly across your entire SaaS stack

Metomic's API connectors allow you to integrate your most high-risk SaaS apps quickly and without agents.

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What customers are saying about Metomic

We are a Slack and Google shop, and Metomic had out-of-the-box integrations that made implementation a breeze.

Easy integration. It is as simple as a few clicks (and the Metomic onboarding process is excellent, too, as the team guides us through the process).


What is meant by insider threat?

An insider threat is a security risk that originates within a business. It doesn’t always come from a malicious source - in fact, there are more insider risks posed by negligent employees. As these people have access to sensitive information, they can leak data intentionally or otherwise.

An insider threat could look like an employee uploading sensitive data to an unsecured SaaS application, or a disgruntled employee downloading financial data to leak to competitors. Either way, both of these actions pose a risk to the business.

However, the risk can be mitigated by having an effective solution in place. While it can be difficult to manage due to their legitimate access to your systems, insider threat detection software can help you identify anomalous behaviour and take action quickly.

It’s important to balance your need for insider threat detection with employee trust and productivity. The right solution for your business will allow your employees to work as efficiently as possible, without the added security risk of data leaking.

What are the types of insider threat?

There are a few types of insider threat, categorised by the intentions of the individual.

  1. Malicious Insider: A malicious insider will deliberately act against the interests of the organisation. They can exploit their access for personal or professional gain, sabotaging systems, spreading malware, or leaking trade secrets to other competitors in the industry. As they have access to plenty of sensitive information, they may also sell it themselves on the dark web, as it could prove a valuable asset. 
  2. Negligent Insider: These individuals may not be maliciously-motivated, but they can be careless and reckless in their approach to data security. They may make sensitive data publicly accessible, delete important information, or pay no heed to data retention policies, putting the organisation at risk of breaching regulations. 
  3. Accidental Insider: Accidental insiders may have the right intentions at heart, but they do make mistakes which can leave data overexposed. For instance, they may use an incorrect email address, or misconfigure security settings. They may even leave their device in the wrong place, allowing it to fall into the wrong hands.
Why is it important to manage the risk of insider threat?

If you don’t manage the risk of insider threat, you could be putting sensitive business data on the line. While external attacks can pose a serious risk to your organisation, those with access to your data on a daily basis can add to that problem.

An insider threat can lead to huge financial and reputational damages for the company, as they can be responsible for over-exposure of data, and put your organisation in breach of regulations like GDPR, and HIPAA. If data is leaked or breached, you’ll also likely have to pause operations while an investigation is carried out, leading to loss of business, and more turmoil for the company.

It’s vital that you have an insider threat management strategy in place to determine where risks are originating, and address any issues as soon as they arise to minimise the impact they may have. Being proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to insider threats is key.

How does insider threat management work?

Insider threat management brings together key security components to create a strategy that can monitor user behaviour to identify anomalous actions, and revoke access to sensitive documents if they are at risk of being compromised.

Any insider threat management strategy worth its salt will include regular risk assessments to identify any vulnerabilities in the organisation’s systems, as well as policies to educate your team on the risks of being negligent when it comes to data security.

Keeping your data safe while allowing your team to continue being productive is crucial, as too many restrictions will result in disgruntled employees.

Benefits of insider threat management software

The main benefit of having insider threat management software is the reduced risk to your business. As well as being able to spot risks early, insider threat management tools use behavioural monitoring to detect suspicious activities, enabling proactive intervention.

Leveraging machine learning and contextual analysis, this software can also reduce the amount of false positives, allowing the security team to focus their attention on genuine threats. With enhanced visibility into where data may be misused, organisations can also ensure they are remaining compliant with regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA.

Insider threat management software is a crucial component of an organisation's data security strategy, providing proactive, data-centric security measures to protect against the risks posed by insiders, whether they are malicious, negligent, or accidental.

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