Protect sensitive data in your SaaS applications with data security software

Embrace data security software for the SaaS era - detect and secure sensitive data in the SaaS apps your team use every day.

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Detect sensitive data

Metomic's data security tool automatically detects and secures any data which is sensitive to you

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Discover PII, confidential data, secrets, and more

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Benefit from industry-leading detection accuracy

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Create custom classifiers to find what’s important to you

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Discovery panel within Metomic platform
Breakdown of data found including 487 assets in 'Payslips' folder
Discovery panel of Metomic dashboard
Rules dashboard within Metomic platform

Discover critical risks

Metomic filters through the noise to find the data risks that matter

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Triage risks with Metomic’s AI-powered Risk Score

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Leverage unparalleled asset-level search & filtering

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Detailed employee and department level analysis

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Remediate automatically

Metomic lets you automate security policies across all your SaaS apps

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Redact sensitive data, with custom retention periods

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Control access levels and exposure to prevent data leaks

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Label & tag documents, tickets, and messages

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Remediation screenshot from Metomic platformScreenshot of the remediation workflow in action
Setting up employee notifications within MetomicScreenshot of Metomic platform, showing how to set up employee notifications

Enable the Human Firewall

Leverage the most powerful and scalable prevention mechanism - your employees

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Notify employees in real-time when they breach policies

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Enable employees to self-remediate risks

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Power a modern culture of data security, at scale

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What customers are saying about Metomic

Metomic is user-centric, easy to use and has some great integrations. The best thing is that it helps data controllers remain compliant but more importantly able to easily assess risks and prevent breaches or infringements.

"The big thing for me was how interactive it was in Slack. That was one of our biggest problem points and there was a solution for that immediately.”

"Immediately, especially for the Google Workspace document sharing, Metomic has paid for itself seven fold."

"We were able to find some legacy AWS keys from years ago...that gave us the confidence that in the event of new secrets appearing insecurely across our tech stack, we could rely on Metomic to help us swiftly detect and respond in a click of a button."

"Metomic is a SaaS enabler. They help us protect sensitive data in applications like Google Drive, so we can grow our business knowing our data is safe."

"Metomic is non-invasive and truly just focuses on preventing data leaks. Nothing over the top - just simple."

"It means we have openness about data sharing and security as part of our culture…we can confidently express to patients that we have an environment that is secure.”

"Metomic gives us all peace of mind. We know that we have reduced the footprint of sensitive data exposure and that helps me sleep at night."


Integrate our data security tool instantly across your entire SaaS stack

Metomic's API connectors allow you to integrate your most high-risk SaaS apps quickly and agent-free, making it easy to use our data security solution.

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