The new standard in data ethics

Metomic is the first Privacy Automation Platform, made to help businesses deliver transparent, trustworthy online experiences on autopilot

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  • Join the online transparency revolution

    Your customers deserve to know what’s happening with their data — Metomic shows them

  • Globally Compliant

    GDPR compliant

    Metomic enables you to universally manage your users' consents about how their data is collected and used, including cookies. All in line with global regulations, including GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive

  • Always Up To Date

    Always up to date

    Keep your consent notice accurate without time-consuming manual checks. Metomic monitors your website and notifies you if your users' data is being processed unlawfully

  • Better Use Experience

    A better user experience

    Your customers appreciate transparency. Demonstrate how much you value their privacy with an easy-to-understand consent process that works in perfect tandem with your brand

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  • Intuitive Design

    Make transparency your differentiator

    Metomic's universal Consent Manager gives your customers an accessible, easy way to control how their data is being collected in line with regulatory requirements. Metomic ensures no data is gathered and processed (including via cookies) until explicit consent is given

  • Policy Update

    New Version

    • Amended Europe Compliance
    • Revised security features

    What’s changed?

    GDPR compliance has been updated to match Germany's new regulations

    Read more
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    Intercom has updated their privacy policy

    We’ve reflected these changes on your policy

  • Version Control

    Put your compliance on autopilot

    Staying compliant doesn’t require manual upkeep. Metomic monitors your website, keeps your policies updated, and stores a complete record of every change, with granular version control from day one

    • Agreements
    • Social Sharing
    • Request

      HTTP GET ""							


      'recomendations': { version:'1.0.1', status:'rejected' },
      'contact': { version:'1.0.1', status:'accepted' },
      'contact:marketing': { version:'1.0.1', status:'rejected' },
    • Request

           -H Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY							


          "slug": "social-sharing",
          "title": "Social Sharing",
          "flavor": "messages",
          "version": "0.4.0",
          "created_at": 1541157734917,
          "versioned_at": 1549637895278,
          "draft_version": null,
          "short": "Allows you to follow other creators, and have them follow you",
          "published_at": 1549637895286,
          "allow_anonymous": true,
          "description": "When you opt in to Social Sharing, other Vimeo users can subscribe to your channel and get notified whenever you post a new video.",
          "clauses": [{
              "title": "Vimeo ID",
              "slug": "vimeo-id",
              "description": "we send this to Facebook, who manage our sharing logic"
          }, {
              "title": "History",
              "slug": "history",
              "description": "so you can search through previously watched videos"
          }, {
              "title": "Name",
              "slug": "name",
              "description": "we send this to your followers so they know who you are"
  • Easy Implementation

    Practice privacy-first design

    We're empowering digital businesses to create user experiences with privacy at the centre. Metomic is quick to set up, easy to integrate, and completely customisable. Now you can set up and launch granular consent controls in minutes, and remain GDPR compliant

  • Our Vision

    Removing the barriers to data ethics

    With Metomic, businesses can be both transparent and successful. We provide businesses with the power to understand their data networks and therefore enable their customers to give informed consent. By using Metomic to build trust with their customers, businesses can use transparency as a key differentiator to enhance their products and services

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    • Intuitive data policies
    • Clearly-explained cookies
    • Flexible consent options
    • Always up to date
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  • "At a time where privacy concerns are front-page daily news, every business should be thinking about how they can safeguard their users' data. Metomic is pioneering the way in which we should be thinking about transparency"

    Rohan Silva

    Founder & CEO, Second Home

    More transparency. Less work

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