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1. Consent

The GDPR sets a high
standard for consent

We all now have to offer users granular choice and control, without pre-ticked fields or blanket consents. Metomic powers all of your consent requirements at the level expected.

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2. Audit logs

How and why
customer data is used

It is now essential to keep evidence of consent - who, when and how. With Metomic, you can automatically track data consent across your entire business, at an individual level.

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3. Policies

Create personalised data policies

Your product is unique. When you want to personalise how you interact with your users, Metomic's got your back.

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4. User controls

Give your users the control they demand

Under modern data privacy regulations, users have more rights than ever. Metomic keeps tabs on your data landscape, and helps you demonstrate GDPR compliance at the touch of a button.

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build privacy-by-design

Made for Developers

// Require the Metomic client library with a clientId and user token
const Metomic = require('metomic-js')
const metomic = new Metomic('MCL98sjdf98uwr', '...s9897hff')

// Render shopping recommendations when the user has opted in
metomic.withConsentFor('recommendations:shopping',() => (
// Require the Metomic library with a secret key
const Metomic = require('metomic-js')
const metomic = new Metomic('dk_fsd98u97hhs87dfs8787')

// Check to see if user 293 has given appropriate consent
const userId = 293
const canEmail = (await metomic.user(userId).hasPermitted('contact:product-updates'))

// Send an email if permitted
if (canEmail) sendUpdateEmailTo(userId)


// Response:
  'recomendations': { version:'1.0.1', status:'rejected' },
  'contact': { version:'1.0.1', status:'accepted' },
  'contact:marketing': { version:'1.0.1', status:'rejected' },
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Metomic Basic

Manage the Privacy of
Anonymous Users



  • < 1,000 users
  • 5 policy definitions
  • Consent Solution
  • Audit Logs
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Metomic Pro

Manage the Privacy of your
Whole User Base


  • Up to 100,000 users
  • Unlimited policy definitions
  • Consent Solution
  • Audit Logs
  • Personalized Privacy Policies
  • User Controls
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Metomic Enterprise

- Complete Privacy-by-Design
Technology Framework -

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