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Metomic for Airtable

Discover where sensitive data is sitting inside your Airtable, and see who has access to it. Enabling our tried-and-tested policies, you'll automate the protection of sensitive data while educating your team on security processes.

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Detect sensitive data across Airtable and triage critical risks

See where sensitive data is stored across your entire Airtable base, and start addressing your most critical risks first.

Customer data detected in AirtableHealth insurance, emails, and phone numbers found in Airtable
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Hundreds of pre-built data classifiers

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Build your own custom classifiers

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Scan all types of bases, including files

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Find critical risks from day one


Protect sensitive data in Airtable, on autopilot

Use Metomic's tried-and-tested policies to automate data redaction, data retention, and employee notifications, without overwhelming your team.

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Data redaction, with retention periods

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Granular access controls to reduce risks

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Dynamic employee notifications

Email and phone numbers found in AirtableRule triggered in Airtable


What customers are saying about Metomic
We use Metomic to uncover sensitive company data and prevent it from being shared or residing in places it shouldn't. It's a really great supplement where technical controls that could be our frontline of defense don't exist.
Colin O'Shea
Wrapbook 2
Metomic provides an excellent, easy-to-navigate interface with the necessary features to help keep our workspace secure.
Stephen Droner
Metomic is user-centric, easy to use and has some great integrations. The best thing is that it helps data controllers remain compliant but more importantly able to easily assess risks and prevent breaches or infringements.
Sam Shah
Metomic is non-invasive and truly just focuses on preventing data leaks. Nothing over the top - just simple.
Head of InfoSec
US Tech Company
The big thing for me was how interactive it was in Slack. That was one of our biggest problem points and there was a solution for that immediately.
Cary Vidal
We were able to find some legacy AWS keys from years ago...that gave us the confidence that in the event of new secrets appearing insecurely across our tech stack, we could rely on Metomic to help us swiftly detect and respond in a click of a button.
James Moos
Metomic is a SaaS enabler. They help us protect sensitive data in applications like Google Drive, so we can grow our business knowing our data is safe.
Simon Burns

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