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Salesforce is used by companies globally to manage their customer relationships. Metomic can help you protect sensitive data within your users, attachments, and contracts, and comply with data regulations like GDPR, PCI DSS, and HIPAA.

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Scan many different types of assets for sensitive data in Salesforce

Metomic’s data security solution helps to identify sensitive data that may be shared across customer emails, opportunities, and more.

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Use hundreds of pre-built classifiers to get started right away

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Build custom classifiers to find the risks that matter to you

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Scan users, attachments, tasks, leads, contracts, emails and more

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Find critical risks from day one, with easy set-up for quick access


What customers are saying about Metomic
We were able to find some legacy AWS keys from years ago...that gave us the confidence that in the event of new secrets appearing insecurely across our tech stack, we could rely on Metomic to help us swiftly detect and respond in a click of a button.
James Moos

Lock down your data, not your employees

Metomic helps your team to keep productivity high, while protecting sensitive data, and helping you comply with data regulations

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Customised Rules to give you peace of mind

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Access controls to limit data exposure on sensitive documents

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Detailed reports on how data is shared in Salesforce


Why is it the right time to invest in Metomic for Salesforce?  

With 150,000 companies using Salesforce globally, there is a high risk of sensitive data being unnecessarily stored in the CRM tool, leaving organisations vulnerable to data breaches or leaks. 

Metomic’s integration with Salesforce allows you to minimise the data you store, and revoke permission from those who no longer need access, keeping your environment more secure.

Why do I need data security for Salesforce?

As a central repository for sensitive business and customer information, data leaks could erode trust, damage brand reputation, and lead to legal consequences. 

Using a data tool like Metomic can help companies to safeguard sensitive data, and comply with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA. By setting retention periods and restricting access to sensitive files, you can ensure that any impact of a data breach is limited.

Does Salesforce have security built-in?

Salesforce has certain security measures built in to help protect data, such as encryption, and multi-factor authentication. However, using a data security solution to plug the gaps is key. 

For instance, your employees will need to understand where their riskiest assets are stored and what types of sensitive data should not be shared inside the platform. A data security solution like Metomic can help to educate your team on best practices and automate security processes such as retention policies.

Why use Metomic data security for Salesforce?

There are a few reasons to use Metomic for Salesforce:

  1. Remain compliant with data regulations by identifying and preventing unauthorised handling of sensitive information 
  2. Protect Intellectual Property with full visibility enabling you to safeguard business assets
  3. Detect and block suspicious activity with Metomic alerts and automatic actions 
  4. Monitor and control data flows to mitigate the risk of data breaches 
  5. Automate classification and tagging of data within Salesforce to help users understand the sensitivity of their content and apply appropriate security measures 
  6. Download logs and reports to understand how data is accessed, used, and shared within Salesforce for compliance purposes and internal investigations

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