Find out your Sensitive Data Footprint score

Gain control of your ever-growing sensitive data in your SaaS applications and focus on scaling your tech company with peace of mind.

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A ‘credit score’ for your sensitive data

Information security teams (especially in tech scaleups) are overwhelmed with policy violation notifications and false positives from various tools.

As SaaS apps are increasingly adopted and added to the stack, the amount of data grows exponentially.
In 2021, SaaS file security violations have spiked by 134%, and the number of files containing PII has grown 1944% year over year.

This makes it hard to prioritise remediation actions or find patterns. What actions should you take first? Are you missing anything that could be critical?

With these daily challenges in mind, we’ve created a user-friendly platform to enable you and your team to progress towards a leak-free cloud and focus on the most impactful day-to-day tasks. Measurable and actionable. 

One metric to monitor your SaaS apps’ risk level

Customer success teams have the Net Promoter Score, Marketing has Marketing Qualified Leads, Sales has revenue. InfoSec teams now have a performance metric of their own, to share how their work makes the company safer everyday, significantly reducing the risk of data leaks: enter the Sensitive Data Footprint score.

It goes up when new violations are detected in your cloud apps. It goes down when your team remediates high-risk violations and creates measures to prevent problematic scenarios or behaviours.

The goal is to reach 0 💪

How we calculate your Sensitive Data Footprint

Age of data

How old sensitive data is (and potentially stale)


How sensitive it is (a customer email address is bad, an AWS key is critical)


How widely shared it is (sensitive data in shared documents anyone?)

Volume of data

What’s the volume of detections per type of sensitive data

Location of data

Where it’s precisely located


How many similar violations are part of this pattern

One metric to share progress within your organisation

With the Sensitive Data Footprint score, you can:
Empower Execs and the Board with your current risk profile
Report progress over time and improvements 
Educate employees on their impact, and curb unwanted behaviour

Tech companies in hypergrowth: this is for you

There’s a good chance growth and speed of execution are the north stars of your business. But with growth you shouldn’t compromise on making your cloud risk-free or put sensitive data at risk.

Once our platform is integrated, we’ll give you the peace of mind to scale securely. It gives you a stress-free way to automate remediations and scale your business while saving time.

Get granularity when you actually need it

Focus on those items that actually matter:
Locate where a specific violation is happening
Uncover which employees share sensitive data and build cultural awareness by notifying them automatically 

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