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Data Minimization and Storage Limitation

Sensitive data is spreading uncontrollably across SaaS applications, so check out our 101 on data minimization and storage limitations.

Information Security

First Look - the American Data Privacy and Protection Act

A bipartisan draft bill has been released outlining US federal standards governing how companies collect, process, transfer and protect data.

Legal & Compliance

Targets for data breach or data leak detection & remediation

‍What does ‘good’ look like when it comes to detecting and remediating security violations?

Information Security

What cybersecurity metrics should a startup focus on?

Organizations can call on a multitude of data points to track their security posture. But that doesn’t mean they should.

Information Security

Why cybersecurity training needs to change

Employees continue to pose one of the biggest threats to IT security. So why do organizations persist with training methods that don’t work?

Information Security

The first 100 days of a startup CISO

Information security at a startup presents unique challenges. We look at what a newly appointed CISO should prioritise.

Information Security

Sensitive data in Snowflake

When finding sensitive data & PII amongst the terabytes of data flowing constantly to Snowflake becomes tech companies' most daunting data challenge.

Information Security

Sensitive data in Slack

As easy-to-use and convenient as Slack is, it’s near-impossible to see or control what information is being shared across hundreds of channels.

Information Security